Glass balconies

– Glass Juliets
– Modify Exsisting Balconies
– Manufacture new structures from start to finish Joisting and Decking through to Stainless Handrail and Glass or track and glass systems.

We specialise in the highest quality steel and glass balconies. A well-designed balcony can add so much value to a building, both structurally and aesthetically. Why not contact us today to discuss your balcony requirements? Our steel frame and glass balconies are both secure and stunning. We provide a variety of different designs to suit all manner of style and purpose. We can offer a multitude of different balconies and finishings, from steel handrails and glass Juliets to track and glass systems, and anything in between. Modifications and upgrades to existing balconies is also a service we are pleased to provide.

Whichever style of balcony you desire, we are able to provide a complete service, from conception to completion. We will work with you to achieve the ideal design before building and installing the finished product. Our 25 years of experience and expertise in welding, fabrication and precision engineering ensures the highest quality steel and glass balconies, every time. Made from top quality steel at the hands of our professionals, your next balcony will be the product of a committed, local, family owned firm that prides ourselves on fast turnarounds, expert skill and excellent service.