On site fitting and welding

We understand that some jobs simply need to be fabricated on site, and in these cases, we will come to you. Sometimes, a finished product is too large or heavy to manoeuvre into an area, and needs to have its individual components brought in and constructed in situ. Sometimes it may be more cost efficient to have the work done on site, if the location is remote or difficult to access. Whatever the reason your project can’t leave your site, whether it is size, accessibility, the complexity or precise nature of the work, or any other reason, we are happy to accommodate these requirements and perform our work at your site.

We go where needed to help you get the job done in a professional, quality-driven manner. Having the fitters and fabricators on site also means there is less margin for error and ensures a more precise fitting. Our experienced engineers are at home in many different work environments, from industrial construction sites to home renovations.

Contact Horwich Steelworks today if you need to arrange for on site fitting and welding work.