Steel beams

– Cut to size drilled or welded to your specifications.
– Collection or Delivery
– Steel erected and fitted

At Horwich Steelworks we provide quality steel beams to all applications. We use the highest quality steel and precision engineering to create strong and durable beams. Our beams can be cut to size and drilled or welded to your specifications. We also provide a delivery service to ensure your steel beams arrive at your construction site or, if you prefer, you are welcome to collect them from us. Our experts are happy to assist with erecting and fitting as well.

Steel beams are essential components of many different projects. They can provide temporary support during a construction but most often are used for internal support in the main framework for buildings. Contact us today to find out more about the types of steel beams we are able to provide. With 25 years of experience and a dedicated, professional team, we at Horwich Steelworks would be pleased to provide your next project with standard or custom cut to size quality steel beams.